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Buying Your Home - Property Taxes

Property taxes are what most homeowners in the United States pay for the privilege of owning a piece of real estate.  Typically, the formula to calculate real property tax is:  Assessment x Millage = Tax.  The County millage is the same for all municipalities.  For example, the Chester County Tax for a property with an assessed value of $100,000 is $416.30, because the millage rate for Chester County is .004163, or $100,000 x .004163.   

Below are helpful links to local counties' tax charts.

Chester County:

Montgomery County:

Delaware County:

Where can I learn more about appealing my property taxes?
Contact your local tax assessor's office to see what procedures to follow to appeal your property tax assessment. You may be able to appeal your assessment informally.  Mostly likely, however, you will have to go through a formal tax-appeal processes, which begin with an appeal filed with the appropriate assessment appeals board.


Carol Schmidt
Carol Schmidt